Saturday, March 27

Paisley asked what would be your epitaph?

There is an excellent interview on the BBC with Ian Paisley. Paisley is reminded of how he said Catholics 'breed like rabbits', and wasn't exactly RC friendly, but  his memory appaers to be faulty. He's an old man, eighty four next month, so the interviewer went easy on him.  He was actually asked did you pray with Martin McGuinness?  Indeed I did, he replied.  Paisley certainly isn't the man he once was, and he seems to forget the man he once was, the interviewer asked him, 'why didn't God change you earlier?'  At this Paisley laughs, 'well you'd better ask Him'.  It's a nice little interview, and shows how things have changed, and I for one am glad they changed, but we cannot forget the past, lest we repeat it.

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