Saturday, February 19

Say NO to terror in Louth - Don't vote for Adams.

McKendry's used their oil money to print fliers for Anybody but Adams.

Obviously this has taken a great personal toll on the McKendrys', with a heart attack for Helen and a stroke for her husband. They had to pay for the fliers with their oil heating money - so instead of putting oil in their tank they printed the fliers for Any Body but Adams'  campaign.

The Anybody but Adams campaign.

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Jean McConvilles daughter Helen McKendry began the Any body but Adams campaign today.

Saturday, November 6

Two videos from Brendan Duddy on that hungerstrike offer.

Former IRA prison leader releases O'Rawe Comms.

It's so difficult to know what to believe about the Hungerstrike.Now Brendan McFarlane has released comms that do throw doubt upon Richard O'Rawe's narrative.The Irish News (scan) has the full story

Thursday, October 28

One time main provo operator found dead.

(scans contained in the links.)

The Irish News report on Gerry(whitey)Bradley's death (scan) and the report that claims he may have died after watching the RTE programme 'Voices from the Grave'.

Gerry Whitey Bradley found dead in car.

The Irish News is reporting that Whitey Bradley who told of being in the IRA in the  book 'Insider' has been found dead in a car.

Tuesday, October 5

The justice for Gerry poster in Andersonstown.

Monday, August 23

About those dissident Irish Republican groups.....

I've read that the role of the newspaper industry is to be the watchdog of the community, this mornings Irish News fulfills that role very well.  It's a special edition and its theme is no to the various dissident republican groups out there.

In particular Allison Morrison has interviewed ONH army council representative. The article can be read here. There is also a great discussion by John Mooney the journalist who wrote Black Operations and is an expert on terrorism, on the Nolan show this morning. That discussion is an hour in and can be found here for the next seven days.