Saturday, March 27

Gerry's new provo birdie.

In todays Irish News it is reported that Gerry Adams hired a helicopter to travel to and from his commitments all over the island of Ireland.

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The cost of hiring the helicopter is two grand per day.  I wonder if Sinn Fein ever stop to think that while Gerry Adams' constituents look on at the helicopter descending into Casement park for him to board, they may not have the price of a black taxi into town?  I find it strange that a socialist party like Sinn Fein would go for this sort of extravagance when everyone else is tightening their belts due to job losses and low wages?

The paper is highlighting the fact that the grounds are meant to be politically neutral, and therefore the helicopter should not have landed there, but in my opinion the extravagence is much worse than the symbolism of a helicopter descending into Casement park.

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