Friday, February 5

Coffee desk wordpress theme.

I tried really hard to redesign the outlay of my blog, I really wanted the coffee desk wordpress theme that has been converted for blogger.  It's a nice diary style but comes in a zipped file which was relatively easy to open but extremely difficult to design as a blog format.   I struggled and struggled with it, but eventually it beat me, and then I realised well it didn't really matter because according to most forums that talk about it there is a lot of difficulty with it even after upload in relation to posting.  In particular there is a 'undefined' message that can be almost impossible to get rid of that sits on top of the posts, the date is also hard to work with, but the most irritating thing is the design of it in the first place.  Why some hacker cannot re do the zipped xml file to a more realistic and easier format for uploading like html is something I pondered over.  Anyhow, I like things as they are now, so its time to move on.....

I do hate it when something beats me though...!!