Wednesday, November 11

Windows live writer – a fantastic way of blogging.

Last night I was looking to apply my own handwriting script to the blog posts on this blog.  Now I realise it is not necessary, as windows writer will do it for you, which is much better and easier.  My own hand writing is eligible anyway, so this font changer in windows writer is ideal for changing the font of a blog and making it stand out as different.  I didn’t know I had windows writer and came across it  by mistake, but now I’m glad I found it as it allows blog owners to publish their posts much easier  It also allows you plugins like emotions, and it will automatically update you in twitter if you like.  It has a very easy to use interface. test post with which you can insert photos and make them smaller or bigger simply by dragging the corner of the uploaded pic.   It will allow you to insert video via an url,, and insert tables, and maps quite easily.  Easier than ABC, dare I say it!

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  1. Anonymous17:33

    I am so going to check to see if I have this on my computer or not! Thanks for pointing it out. It looks cool.

    There is an award for you over at my blog!!!

  2. Hi Christiejolu if you google it I think it is available for download.

  3. I heard about this and wanted to try it. I tried downloading it, and couldn't complete the process for some reason. I'm not the most technically literate person, so any help you can give would be appreciated.