Tuesday, November 10

Thanks Alice - from me to you!

A gift from Alice in Wonderland.

Firstly, I wanted to thank Alice over at her beautiful site for this lovely gift she gave to me the other evening.  I cannot tell you how surprised I was to receive anything from anyone,  and I appreciate it immensely.  It has boosted my spirits and made me think I can do this.

The other thing is to tell my readers (?) seven things about myself that they don't already know.  I haven't really posted anything about myself at all on this blog, thinking who'd be interested in my boring details, but here goes:

1) I'm doing a course on world literature that I absolutely love, its only one morning a week, but it's really interesting.

2) I like this blogging and hope to get addicted.

3) I don't like romantic films or novels.

4) I used to think Al Pacino was georgeous.

5) I need to lose about a stone and a half but hate dieting, but keep trying.

6) I love live theatre.

7) I'm a closet Daniel O'Donnell fan.

I'm not really able to link seven new bloggers yet, as I'm not very experienced with these type of blogs, and I'm still getting to know my way around this, so I'll need to be excused from that part of the rules for a little while.  As for staying 'awesome', I'm not sure I've even arrived there yet, but thankyou Alice for thinking of me.

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  1. You are more than welcome, and you deserve an award! Now people have to visit your site! You really are a very interesting person, and I love to come across little gems like yours in this huge world of blogging!
    I'll have to send some people to visit you!
    Big hugs!