Monday, July 19

The Ardoyne riots..

Some thoughts on the Ardoyne riots. Firstly let me say up front that what happened over the twelfth in Ardoyne was in no ones interest, it wasn’t for the good of the community there, nor the community generally, nor did it advance any cause. However I read this morning in the Scottish Herald that the cost of policing last years July parades was a staggering £5000,000!!

Thats an awful lot of money to spend on parades!! Particularly when the police won’t even go into the area because they believe gunmen are about…..

However, it is obvious that policing has to be done. As reported in the Sunday World

dissidents were intent on causing some trouble, with images from UTV showing many at the protests who did not live in the area.

There is however another side to this, that of the ordinary resident who lives there who does not want dissident republicans causing trouble nor policemen in bullet proof cars on their streets. It is time to treat the ordinary Ardoyne community with respect…

 That means no more parades and no more violence from what ever quarter.

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