Sunday, May 2

Not a shinner about the place.

I was at the united independent hungerstrike commeration through Belfast today, and there wasn't a shinner about the place, which is really something. Their absence was particularly noticeable in west Belfast where even the gates into Dunville park were blocked by a large barrier. The side gates were all open and the Falls road had hardly anyone to greet the marchers as they came up it. No crowds were waiting despite the march being well advertised through the Irish News.

Despite the absence of shinners which was really predictable, there was a large turn out of people for the parade, which carried black flags and released doves into the air at the end of the small commeration ceremony in Dunville park.
flickr photos After the parade the shinners were out and about in good numbers with their cars and loud speakers calling to people and reminding them to vote on May 6th for their man Adams....


  1. Anonymous09:27

    Katey, I don't get this. Given that there were no party political banners, how do you know there were no SF people there? I'm one and I was there, though given the unsavoury nature of the crowd, I doubt I'll be back.

  2. I didn't see any 'faces' there, if so maybe you could tell me who, I took quite a few photographs fifty six I think, and a few small videos and if you can find any 'faces' in them, then thats fair enough. Infact, given that it was independent and non affiliated why was Gerry Adams not there? Was he too busy electioneering to remember hungerstrikers at any and all events for them? Seems odd to me.

    I don't know why you thought the crowd unsavoury. I was there, I thought it was dignified, the releasing of doves a lovely gesture and a simple ceremonny, nothing unsavoury about that is there?

    I saw people there who were SF voters and would go to any and all types of republican parades, but no shinner party faces....I could change the title to 'not a shinner party face about the place, but to me that is semantics, to me.