Friday, April 23

Election, bits and bobs..

Gerry Adams does a much better interview with Noel Thompson on BBC Hearts and Minds, than with Jim Dougall on last night Northern Ireland leders debate, which was totally boring. Thompson does a more thorough job and less boringly. Also Seamus McKee gets Jim Allister rattled on Evening Extra (about 0.36minutes in. McKee gets Allister rattled on the employment of family members and his position when in the DUP and his position now, which McKee claims is not consistent. Jim bursts at him angrily 'You'll not besmirch my reputation Seamus', but McKee is calm under fire with the TUV leader as he was with Peter Robinson.

Meanwhile the SDLP locally have been out on the stump, not canvassing but putting leaflets through the doors.

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