Saturday, November 14

Thank you to ‘Tales in my head.’

 I would like to thank ‘Tales in my head’, for his ‘awesome blogger’ award.  Wow!!! That took me by surprise.  Thank you Christiejolu!!  it was extremely good of you to think of me.

Ok so now for the rules…..
7 things you don’t know about me.


1) I’m not a great time keeper and always arrive late, not ‘fashionably late, simply late.

2) I’m an Easterenders fan.

3) I like being in the house and listening to the rain and wind outside.

4) I like to read in bed.

5) I’m no good at sports.

6) I like to escape to the country when I can.

7) I’m watching the U.S. series ‘The Unit’, which I am really enjoying….

Bloggers I’d like to give this award to are:-
1) Alice

2) Janice

3) Tales from my head.

4) Steve E.

and as I’m still finding my way around, I hope I’ll be forgiven for not posting seven bloggers, but I’ll keep visiting and commenting from all of you and getting to know more of you I hope. 

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  1. Anonymous12:06

    You are welcome Katey! I enjoy your blog!