Sunday, November 8

James Ellroy in Belfast.

Last night we were at the Waterfront Hall, in Belfast to hear James Ellroy talk about his new book, and talk about it and lots of other stuff, he did, and did very well. He is a great orator, and knew how to work a room. This was in the main auditorium rather than the small theatre they have there, and while it was not full, there was definitely a good crowd turnout to hear him, on a very wet, cold and miserable Saturday night. One guy who asked a question on 'Dudley Smith' a character in one of Ellroy's books, and who was Irish and born in Dublin, told us that he had travelled up from that city to hear and meet Ellroy. I also heard French speaking people behind me who had come to the talk.

The evenings format was a reading then a discussion with a local author and questions and answers from the floor. A stage was set with two chairs and small table with some water, and a podium from which Ellroy spoke, and was introduced by David from No Allibi's bookstore.

Far too much happened in one evening to be covered in one post, so I'll blog more about this, and have more pictures and a couple of small short videos too.

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  1. Anonymous16:38

    He is one of the best writers out there.