Saturday, November 7

Flu jab ....

Today we went and got the flu jab. I was really not all that happy about going, but the attitude 'better safe than sorry' won through!

The nurse said, if your arm gets red, simply put a little cream on it. One of my husbands' work colleagues got the jab, and the swelling went all the way up to his shoulder, so I'm hoping my arm doesn't get as bad as that.

We got the jab in the first batch of patients our doctor notified. It was open surgery. As advertised, doctors surgeries are staying open to accomodate the amount of people who will be getting the swine flu jab. We also got the normal winter flu jabs a few weeks back. I know some people who got the jabs both together, and their arm was a mess. So I decided we'd do it in stages, and get one at a time.

So far so good, my arm is not swollen, only tingly, and feels a little heavy. The nurse said that is how it would be, and that tomorrow it could feel as though someone punched you on it. (!) What ever the situation, I'm glad we got it, its done now. Hopefully it will ward off the infection.

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